PTI with 126 days prolonged sit-in, now stopping Namoos e Risalat march in Jehlum

Labbaik Media: TLP’s March

PTI’s government has all set up to stop Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan’s Namoos e Risalat march at Jehlum bridge. A large contingent of law enforcement agencies has been deployed there as well.
TLP holding long march from Lahore to Islamabad
On the other hand Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi has warned the government to clear the route till 4 PM today. He has called for country wide protests otherwise. Peer Muhammad Afzal Qadri has also directed the Muslims of the Pakistan to block the major and minor cities and towns across the country. The long march is just near to Jehlum right now.

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Remeber that PTI, while in opposition, staged a 126 days prolonged sit-in in red zone of federal capital of Pakistan just before parliment house demanding the government to resolve its reservations on general elections 2013.

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