Protest can be finished if and only if demands are met: TLP conveyed message to govt.

Labbaik Media: TLP’s march leaving Data Darbar

Protest will be ended if and only if either Netherlands refuses to publish caricatures or Pakistan expels its envoy other wise

Thousands of people marching towards Islamabad against blasphemous caricature contest in Netherlands

Such terrorist acts can never be beard: says leadearship

Lahor/Gujrat/Islamabad (Press release-August 29, 2018): Thousands of people are marching towards Islamabad from Lahore against the blasphemous caricature contest being held by Netherlands. The march is being organized by Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) demanding to expel Dutch envoys from Pakistan. A number of caravans are becoming part of this long march. Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi, a great Muslim scholar and politician is leading the march along with Peer Muhammad Afzal Qadri, founding cheif of TLP.  Speaking on the occasion, speakers rejected such terrorist acts by West against Islam. They said that every Muslim safe guards the dignity and honor of the Holy Prophet PBUH more then their life. They urged all Muslim leaders to play a solid role to stop this terrorism. Leadership of TLP vowed to be on streets until their demands are met. Syed Zaheer ul Hassan Shah, Allama Waheed Noor, Sheikh Azhar Hussain Rizvi, Peer Qazi Mehmood Awan, Peer Ijaz Ashrafi, Dr Shafiq Ameeni, Allama Ghulam Ghous Baghdadi, Molana Razi Hussaini, Molana Farooq ul Hassan, Allama Ghulam Abbas Faizi and Allama Shahid Chisti are also participating in march. Earlier Allama Qasim Fakhri, parliamentary leader of TLP in legislation house of Sindh province, also participated in the march along with a great convoy.

Before long march, federal minister of religious affairs conveyed the message of government to leadership of TLP requesting not to organize any long march or sit in. Peer Muhammad Afzal Qadri, however, explained the point of view of TLP solidly before the government delegation. Government delegation was consisting of Peer Noor ul Haq Qadri and Punjab law minister Raja Bashart while Peer Muhammad Afzal Qadri was leading TLP’s delegation with Allama Waheed Noor and Dr. Shafiq Ameeni.

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