How is it possible to expel Dutch ambassador?

In 2015 Balouchistan Liberation Front (BFA), an armed group striving for a free Balouchistan in western province of Pakistan, started “Free Balouchistan” poster campaign in Geneva Switzerland. The issue came into news and was discussed aggressively in both houses of the parliament. During a session of upper house, chairman demanded the government to expel swiss envoy as Switzerland’s government responded to the issue saying it “freedom of speech”. He made the statement amidst thumping of desks by both side of members. Though his wish was not fulfilled as no one paid heed to this afterwards even the matter was of solidarity of the state.
But this time, when the issue is related to the honor and dignity of the Holy Prophet PBUH, neither side of the benches could make such statement to expel Dutch envoy. Prime Minister of Pakistan, in his maiden speech to upper house of parliament, emphasized more on solidarity of Muslim nations than taking steps by the state he owns. If every Muslim leader will just talk about solidarity and take no steps on his own, what progress does he made? Pakistan is the only Muslim nuclear state so far. Rest of the ummah follows it. It needs to take some hard steps now rather than just making statements. The things Imran Khan doing on this sensitive issue, are the same that has been done earlier in 2006.

As I described above, chairman of senate has demanded expulsion of Swiss ambassador from Pakistan and his statement was well received by all. Almost all the countries expel envoys for their national interests such as Bangladesh has expelled Pakistani diplomat back in 2016. Many diplomats and ambassadors are expelled declaring as persona non grata worldwide. Imran Khan, before taking his office has vowed to follow the footsteps of the early holy state of Madinah. But unfortunately, he is either unable to do implement it so far or he doesn’t know ABC of state of Madinah.
First and foremost, obligation of a Muslim is to safe guard the honor and dignity of his Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This was practically shown from major caliphs of early Islam to Iqbal, poet of the east. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, thinker of Pakistan, in his poetic verses says

محمد کی غلامی دین حق کی شرط اول ہے
اسی میں ہو اگر خامی تو سب کچھ نامکمل ہے

So need of time is to challenge the Dutch terrorist manly rather than just passing resolutions. Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi, great spiritual and political leader of Muslim nation, has warned government to cease diplomatic and commercial relations with Netherlands. Otherwise, he is marching towards Islamabad from August 29. And we are sure, if once Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan leaves for march, either the embassy will be locked down or state will be mass killing its natives. Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan stood as fourth largest political party by vote bank in recent general elections of 2018. Besides its vote bank, most of the voters of leading party itself, are standing with TLP’s long march on this sensitive issue. So, Imran Khan should take this issue seriously and fulfill the demands of all Muslims of Pakistan. Otherwise, it may cause tough time for newly formed government as it was so in Faizabad.


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